Can I use my old Simple Online Bank paper checks even after I’ve transitioned to PNC banking?

If you still have checks from Simple, there’s good news.

If you’re like me and opened a free Simple Online checking account in 2020, ordered a booklet of 25 Simple Checks, and weathered the transition from Simple to BBVA to PNC, you’re probably wondering if you can still use those old Simple Checks.

I have good news!

Even though PNC issued you new account and routing numbers, you can still use your old Simple Checks.

As I was preparing my taxes, preferring to mail in my 2021 Tax Return rather than submitting it online, I realized I still have over 20 Simple Checks collecting dust on my desk.

This is the check and checking book I’m talking about.

An old simple check and the front and back cover of my checking book

Hoping that I don’t have to order new checks, I messaged PNC through the app and asked a customer service representative if they’ll still honor my old Simple Checks, and according to the customer rep, “PNC will continue to honor your old Simple Checks for the foreseeable future.”

I don’t know for how long do they mean by “foreseeable future” but, rest assured, PNC will honor your old simple checks for several years, for as long as you keep writing them.

Presumably, it’s a simple matter of cross-referencing BBVA’s old account and routing numbers and matching them up with your corresponding PNC account. The cost to make that happen is negligible.

So, go ahead and, if you have old Simple Checks, feel free to use them for paying rent, utilities, and, whatever.