If an Amazon driver delivered your eBay order, your item probably came from a dropshipper

Why you don’t need to worry, but can probably get your item for cheaper on Amazon the next time around. Earlier last week I ordered a pack of wrist straps for my everyday carry flashlight on eBay for less than $6 with free shipping. A good deal, right? The item said it was shipping from … Read more

Is 37353 from Discover for Discover SSN Inquiry & New Account Alerts?

Discover Logo with the number 37353

Discover Credit Card users who activated Identity Alert received a text message from 37353 informing them of the new alert number. Earlier this week, I received a text message from 37353 with the following. “Discover SSN Inquiry&New Account Alert: Hi! From our new SSN/New Account/Inquiry alert number. All your SSN/New Account/Inquiry alerts will now come … Read more

Motorola Moto G Phone gradually became slow and laggy. How turning off Adaptive Performance aka Quick Launch solved that

If you notice your Motorola/Lenovo phone slowing, you might have Adaptive Performance/Quick Launch to blame. I’ve had my Motorola G Pure (2021) for three months now and compared to my old Motorola Moto E4, it’s been a great upgrade. I’m still on Android 11 (a big step up from Android 7.1 on my old Moto … Read more

What is “Test for Ricardo” notification? Motorola smartphone users worldwide are getting a random notification from Device Help app

Everything I know about the “Test for Ricardo” notification and why you probably don’t need to worry. Earlier today (Aug. 25,2023) I got a notification at around 11:20 A.M. PST from my Device Help app that said, “Test for Ricardo.” For the record I have a Motorola G Pure 2021 still on Android 11 (I … Read more

I bought cheap fridge/freezer thermometers from eBay and tested it for a couple of weeks so you don’t have to.

What my fridge thermometer from eBay looks like.

Here’s whether those cheap-o fridge and freezer thermometers on sites like eBay and Amazon are any good. A string of short lasting freezer defrost heaters got me super vigilant how cold (or lack thereof) my fridge and freezer actually are. Before, I gauged whether my freezer coil defrost heater was dead or about to go … Read more

How to secure a finger splint for mallet finger so it doesn’t fall off during sleep, exercise, & daily living

Doing this will prevent the splint from sliding off. A couple of years ago on a bike ride, I unknowingly injured a tendon on my pinky where I could no longer bend it up. Although misdiagnosed by my general practitioner as a trigger finger, I got a second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon I was … Read more