This is how much money (formerly Twitter) paid me for a post with 19.6 million impressions

A post with 19.6 million impressions.

Why you shouldn’t expect to get a payout at all off of one viral post/tweet. During the last few days of December, I posted a post on that went viral in the traditional sense of the word. I saw what, to me, was a ridiculous short article from The U.S. Sun informing its readers … Read more

What sunglasses did Dakotah Lindwurm use during the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Dakotah Lindwurm running glasses shades

Once a pair of sunglasses you’d probably overlook, now they’re in high demand. If you watched the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials earlier this month, you, like me, probably discovered someone new to root for in the woman’s field, 3rd place finisher and Olympic qualifier Dakotah Lindwurm. One running accessory that caught a lot of … Read more

If an Amazon driver delivered your eBay order, your item probably came from a dropshipper

Why you don’t need to worry, but can probably get your item for cheaper on Amazon the next time around. Earlier last week I ordered a pack of wrist straps for my everyday carry flashlight on eBay for less than $6 with free shipping. A good deal, right? The item said it was shipping from … Read more

Is 37353 from Discover for Discover SSN Inquiry & New Account Alerts?

Discover Logo with the number 37353

Discover Credit Card users who activated Identity Alert received a text message from 37353 informing them of the new alert number. Earlier this week, I received a text message from 37353 with the following. “Discover SSN Inquiry&New Account Alert: Hi! From our new SSN/New Account/Inquiry alert number. All your SSN/New Account/Inquiry alerts will now come … Read more

Motorola Moto G Phone gradually became slow and laggy. How turning off Adaptive Performance aka Quick Launch solved that

If you notice your Motorola/Lenovo phone slowing, you might have Adaptive Performance/Quick Launch to blame. I’ve had my Motorola G Pure (2021) for three months now and compared to my old Motorola Moto E4, it’s been a great upgrade. I’m still on Android 11 (a big step up from Android 7.1 on my old Moto … Read more

What is “Test for Ricardo” notification? Motorola smartphone users worldwide are getting a random notification from Device Help app

Everything I know about the “Test for Ricardo” notification and why you probably don’t need to worry. Earlier today (Aug. 25,2023) I got a notification at around 11:20 A.M. PST from my Device Help app that said, “Test for Ricardo.” For the record I have a Motorola G Pure 2021 still on Android 11 (I … Read more

I bought cheap fridge/freezer thermometers from eBay and tested it for a couple of weeks so you don’t have to.

What my fridge thermometer from eBay looks like.

Here’s whether those cheap-o fridge and freezer thermometers on sites like eBay and Amazon are any good. A string of short lasting freezer defrost heaters got me super vigilant how cold (or lack thereof) my fridge and freezer actually are. Before, I gauged whether my freezer coil defrost heater was dead or about to go … Read more