What sunglasses did Dakotah Lindwurm use during the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Once a pair of sunglasses you’d probably overlook, now they’re in high demand.

If you watched the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials earlier this month, you, like me, probably discovered someone new to root for in the woman’s field, 3rd place finisher and Olympic qualifier Dakotah Lindwurm.

One running accessory that caught a lot of attention were Lindwurm’s running sunglasses, more commonly known as shades.

Lindwurm herself didn’t exactly gate keep what these shades are, and actually told fellow runner Ali Feller when she went on the “Ali on the run” podcast.

Where to find them starts at 12:18.

“I just found a different pair (from Annie Frisbie’s), they were literally like $15 on Amazon if you Google “Running Sunglasses.”

“There’s nothing special about them besides the fact that they stay on really nicely, and they helped me get bronze.”

Furthermore, Florida-based runner Sara Tessier, who goes by @saras.miles_ seems to already have found the exact pair, tagging a video of herself with the now iconic shades on.

“It’s (the shades) KDEAM, and the colorway is C10.”

KDEAM Shades, C10

It looks like these KDEAM Shades are sold under many different store names and are available on Amazon, Temu, eBay, etc.

You’ll have to do some googling and searching if you can’t find them on Amazon, but the keywords are KDEAM and C10 (obviously.)

Here they are on Temu for $11.89 (linked here.)

Here they are on Amazon, sold under Zemfay (linked here.)

And here they are on eBay (linked here.)

So, if you’re looking for a shades battle tested in the heat of an Olympic Marathon Trials for not a lot of money, take a page from Lindwurm and get yourself a pair of KDEAM’s.

I’m probably going to get a pair in a different colorway.

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