I bought a pair of GE Ultra Bright 250W LED Floodlights & this is how bright they are

With 6,000 lumens total, I literally have some of the brightest floodlights in the neighborhood.

Shopping around for replacement floodlight lightbulbs for the front of our house and I quickly realized if I wanted the brightest bulbs out there, LED was the way to go.

After shopping around on Amazon and nearby big box stores, you quickly realize there’s one particular floodlight that provides the most amount of lumens for not a lot of money.

Better yet, you can buy this particular LED floodlight at Lowes!

It’s the GE Ultra Bright 250 watt LED Floodlight in size Par38.

I paid $40 before taxes, since this particular floodlight comes in pairs.

I could’ve bought these on Amazon for a couple dollars cheaper each bulb but, since I wanted them ASAP, it’s just convenient I could find them at my local big box home improvement store.

You can choose from Daylight (5,000K) or Warm Light (3,000K.) I chose Daylight.

GE advertises these as exceptionally bright and, after trying them out for myself, they’re not wrong.

GE rates each bulb at 250 watts equivalent or 3,000 lumens, so a pair is putting out a whopping 6,000 lumens.

That’s a lot of light!

Since these are LEDs they only use 32 watts of actual electricity each so, despite the 250 watt equivalent rating, these should work well with most security floodlight bases.

GE says these floodlights will last 22 years if you use them three hours per day.

GE also guarantees these lights for at least five years with a limited warranty.

How they perform?

Before I mounted the lights into the floodlight base, I weighed them.

No kidding, each bulb weighs 1 lb 3 oz. This is one heavy bulb! Most of the bulb is made out of a heavy-duty duty metal, the LED protected by a thick piece of glass.

The only plastic on the bulb is the base itself.

With that out of the way, here are photos and a video of the lights in action.

Here’s the front view shot using my Nikon D3100 shooting on Auto.
Another front garage shot.
When viewed from the front.
This shot I took with my smartphone.

Honestly, the multimedia does not do these lights justice, they are really, really bright!

I’d say my old setup was a pair of 300 watt filament bulbs and the first time I tried these GE Ultra Brights, it was obvious they were brighter by magnitudes.

The only issue I’ve noticed is that, since I’ve paired this LED floodlight with an old, version of this security floodlight from Harbor Freight that, at the time, was only built for regular filament style of bulbs, I notice a microsecond of a flicker when they come on. Just a really quick on-off and then on again.

I’m fairly certain if you use a floodlight base that accepts LED lights, this flicker should be a non-issue.

This floodlight is meant for security and, when on, it floods the entire front of our house which technically should be a good deterrent.

We also have a security camera system and, when on, the nighttime footage is even better compared to the older, lower wattage setup.

I do a lot of early morning walks that start out in the dark and walking around the hundreds of houses in our neighborhood there are only two or three houses with floodlights as bright as the GE Ultra Bright LEDs.

I purchased these bulbs on Oct 14, 2022 and, as of this blog post three months later, they’re working flawlessly, coming on and turning off as programmed by the security light.

If your priority is lots of lumens for security purposes or you just need a lot of light in any part of your house for whatever reason, you won’t be disappointed by these GE Ultra Brights.

They may be a little expensive at first but, for the performance and the fact that there’s some kind of warranty, it’s a no-brainer to buy these.

If you have any questions or comments about these particular LED floodlights leave me a comment, and I’ll answer it ASAP. =)

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