How to buy a Staples Warranty online after you bought the item and left the store

Here’s how to buy an online warranty, get free shipping (because you shouldn’t pay to ship a digital order,) and connect your warranty to your product.

Relevant websites:
-Staples Warranties –
-Asurion –

If you’re like me and cheap out on a warranty at the register only to go home, research that buying a warranty is actually a good move, regrets not buying one, and then ends up buying one several weeks later, hopefully this blog post will make purchasing a warranty online from Staples after the purchase a little easier.

Earlier last December I bought a chair for $99.99 before taxes and refused the $14.99 (3) year warranty.

As mentioned, I went home and looked up just how good Staples warranty by Asurion is.

This Reddit thread went over what the guy at the store told me but mentions that, for chairs, a high-wear item, it’s absolutely worth it to buy an Asurion (3) year warranty.

How it works is if your chair ever gets damaged like rips, fabric tears, breaks, or say the gas cylinder fails, and you’re within the warranty period, after submitting a claim with photos as proof, Asurion will cut you a check/gift card towards the purchase of a new chair up to how much you paid for it.

For someone who sits on their chair a lot, whose last chair lasted 1.5 years before the armrest snapped (hence buying this new one from Staples,) a three-year warranty with that level of service started to sound like a good idea.

Apparently, you have up to 30 days after you buy the item to purchase a warranty. I bought my chair on Dec 10 and bought my (3) year warranty on Jan 2.

If you want to buy your product warranty online after you left the store, you must save your physical receipt, you’ll need it later. If you don’t have your receipt, you might have to go back to the Staples you bought the item so they can re-print your receipt (source.) I’d call first.

Here’s how to buy a Staples Warrant online.

Step 1 – Buy your multi-year warranty from and ask via chat for them to wave the cost of shipping.

Head on over to and head to their Protection Plans page.

Whether you buy the warranty logged in to your Staples account or as a guest, it’s important you put in an e-mail address. Staples will e-mail you the details of your protection plan. If you don’t put an e-mail, they will mail you a physical copy of the protection plan, and that can take several business days.

Providing your e-mail address is important.

If your plan does not qualify for shipping, you can get it waived! First, initiate a chat via their online chat feature and politely ask them to wave your shipping fee.

Chat is accessible by clicking that red rectangle on that says “Live chat.” It’s in the lower left corner of the photo above.

They’ll either do it right there before you place your order or they’ll ask you to buy it, ask for the order #, and then refund you the amount for shipping after the fact.

My 3-year warranty was $14.99 and here’s proof they refunded me my shipping the same day.

Ask Staples to waive your shipping fee if you don’t qualify for free shipping. It’s a digital product!

Step 2- Wait for your warranty to arrive via e-mail or physical mail.

It’s self-explanatory, once you got the e-mail or warranty details, Staples has forwarded your information to Asurion, the warranty provider.

Step 3 – Login to your Asurion account via e-mail or phone number and upload your receipt.

Go to, head over to the Staples section of Asurion by navigating to “My account.”

Once you’re in the Staples section of Asurion, head to “Register a plan” and upload a copy of your receipt adding identifying information like your name, phone number, and e-mail.

Start uploading your receipt by heading to “register your plan.”

After you’ve uploaded your receipt, Asurion should have your warranty information and receipt, viewable under “Manage Products and Claims.”

Step 4 – Link your purchase to your new, purchased warranty.

Using their “Start a chat” feature, ask an agent to link your warranty plan to your recently uploaded receipt/previously purchased product.

Ask an Asurion rep to link your protection plan to your receipt.

Alternatively, you can call asking them to do the same thing. Here’s where you can find the current list of Contact us Phone numbers. And, if it hasn’t changed, Asurion’s Staples # is 844-728-7854.

That’s it, if you’ve done all the steps, you’ve correctly purchased a warranty plan, got free shipping, and linked your receipt to your warranty via or by calling them.

Should you need to file a claim, Asurion has both your receipt and warranty info ready for reference. I’d keep my physical receipt just in case.

Hope that helps!

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