Motorola Moto G Phone gradually became slow and laggy. How turning off Adaptive Performance aka Quick Launch solved that

If you notice your Motorola/Lenovo phone slowing, you might have Adaptive Performance/Quick Launch to blame.

I’ve had my Motorola G Pure (2021) for three months now and compared to my old Motorola Moto E4, it’s been a great upgrade.

I’m still on Android 11 (a big step up from Android 7.1 on my old Moto E4) and for the past several months, the phone’s worked just as fast as Day 1.

Last week, however, I noticed my phone getting slower. Google Chrome was not loading quickly or not at all and scrolling through social media apps was noticeably slower.

I restarted my phone, cleared the cache, and deleted some apps to free up some space just to see if that would help, but that did little.

It was not livable how slow it was.

I thought through what I did a couple days prior that would cause this.

Then I remembered I turned on Quick Launch (found under System>Performance>Quick Launch.)

The app’s description says Quick Launch is, “AI learns your usage patterns to help apps open faster.”

I initially turned it on and thought this might make my phone faster.

But, ever since I turned Quick Launch on, my phone’s gotten slower and slower.

Could Quick Launch be the cause?

I also learned that Quick Launch used to be called Adaptive Performance and seems to be exclusive to Motorola/Lenovo phones.

I googled if Adaptive Performance was causing other Motorola smartphones to slow, and I came across a Reddit thread (posted below) with over a dozen people who had slow phones, turned off Adaptive Performance, and had their phones return to normal speed.

Moto g power EXTREMELY slow and getting slower every day.
by u/BananaBotlol in MotoG

Just check out these Motorola Phone users whose speed woes were solved turning Adaptive Performance (Quick Launch) off.

I turned off Quick Launch, restarted my phone, and almost immediately my phone was back to normal.

It’s been a couple of days since I turned off Quick Launch and I can conclusively say that Quick Launch indeed making my phone slower.

Perhaps I needed to keep Quick Launch on for a few more days to see a difference or, maybe this new, revised version of Adaptive Performance is just not as good as the old Adaptive Performance.

Whatever the case, Quick Launch did not work for me and did the opposite of what it claimed to do. Adaptive Performance slowed my phone’s performance noticeably.

So, if you have a Motorola/Lenovo phone that’s slowed to a crawl these past couple of days, try giving “Turning off Adaptive Performance/ Quick Launch a shot.”

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