Is 37353 from Discover for Discover SSN Inquiry & New Account Alerts?

Discover Credit Card users who activated Identity Alert received a text message from 37353 informing them of the new alert number.

Earlier this week, I received a text message from 37353 with the following.

“Discover SSN Inquiry&New Account Alert: Hi! From our new SSN/New Account/Inquiry alert number. All your SSN/New Account/Inquiry alerts will now come from 37353. There were no additional changes and again no action needed from you. More details Text STOP to quit ALL Discover text alerts. Message & data rates may apply. Frequency may vary.”

Here’s what that looked like on my messaging app.

I did some Google searches and the only thread I found was from an Apple Discussions group with several Discover Credit Card users who got the same message from 37353.

Concerned, I messaged Discover Customer Service via their secured message center in the Discover App and asked them if the number they used was legit.

The Customer Representative confirmed that, as far as Discover SSN Inquiry & New Account Alerts, 37353 is legit and came from Discover.

“I understand your concern with everything happening in the world today. I can confirm this is a legit text message from Discover.”

According to Discover’s Text Migration page, the only concern I had was that they’d message me from 347268 telling me about 37353, which, as I recall, was a message I did not get.

Perhaps I deleted it without thinking but, regardless, getting confirmation from Discover is all that I needed.

It’s worth mentioning that the full list of Discover Alerts includes,

  • Identify Theft Protection Alerts
  • Online Banking Alerts
  • Personal Loan Alerts
  • Security Monitoring Alerts
  • Credit Card Alerts

So, you Discover may/probably will use a different alert number than 37353 for alerats that aren’t Discover SSN Inquiries or New Account Alerts.

But, as for 37353, yes, it’s from Discover and isn’t from a scammer.

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