If an Amazon driver delivered your eBay order, your item probably came from a dropshipper

Why you don’t need to worry, but can probably get your item for cheaper on Amazon the next time around. Earlier last week I ordered a pack of wrist straps for my everyday carry flashlight on eBay for less than $6 with free shipping. A good deal, right? The item said it was shipping from … Read more

What is Signz Of Wellness and GadgetOption.com and why did they charge my credit card or bank account?

Signz of Wellness and GadgesOption charges on a Chime Account

If you recognize either of those names in the description of a charge on your credit card or bank account and didn’t authorize it, go ahead and start cancelling it ASAP. Earlier this week, my Dad asked me to dispute a charge on his Chime account for an item he, according to his account, authorized … Read more