What is Signz Of Wellness and GadgetOption.com and why did they charge my credit card or bank account?

If you recognize either of those names in the description of a charge on your credit card or bank account and didn’t authorize it, go ahead and start cancelling it ASAP.

Earlier this week, my Dad asked me to dispute a charge on his Chime account for an item he, according to his account, authorized to buy but then realized it’s too good to be true and decided to contest it and cancel it for a refund ASAP.

The charges haven’t cleared his Chime account and I will dispute the charges as soon as it does, so, in the meantime, I’m warning anyone who goes through something similar.

According to my Dad, either an e-mail or advertisement said he won a piece of Cuisinart cookware or something and, from the charge, I presume all he had to do was pay for shipping?

Here’s what showed on his Chime account, three days ago on the left is a charge from Signz of Wellness which was categorized as groceries and has 855-4283144, MNUS attached to the description.

Today the charge changed from Signz of Wellness to Gadgetsoption.com which, according to their website, is some kind of shopify page that sells Yoga equipment.

On the bottom of their page is their address

5123 W 98th St. #1015,
Minneapolis, MN 55437

Which, on Google Maps, is some kind of Postal Service P.O. Box place.

Signz of Wellness is connected to Floating Ice LLC.

On Bizipedia, also connected to that address are a bunch of other businesses like Steel Box LLC and Gadget Bombz.

The registered agent listed on Floating Ice LLC is Kiefar Eales who, according to a linkedin profile of someone in the Minneapolis area with that same name is an insurance broker. OK?

What really cements that what my Dad got is some kind of scam is a bunch of complaints under Signz of Wellness’s and Gadget Bombz Bizapedia pages saying that these internet businesses charged their accounts between $40-60 for products they didn’t authorize.

I don’t know what kind of scam they’re running, but it looks like they charge you for a product (whether you authorize it or not) and simply don’t send you the item.

It’s a numbers game, they probably buy millions of e-mail addresses, send them some kind of “You’ve won” e-mail, maybe thousands send them money, most of them dispute the charges but, there are a few people that don’t even notice the charge, forget, or it’s not worth it to pursue.

So yeah, Signz of Wellness, Steel Box LLC, GadgetsOption.com, and Gadget Bombz (you really like that Z instead of an S, hu?) a big F U to whatever you’re doing and here’s to hoping Karma does it’s thing sooner rather than later.

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