How long does it take for the Discover Savings Bonus to hit your account after meeting requirements?

It didn’t take long for me at all. With inflation taking a beating on the buying power of your checking account balance, many people, like myself, are looking for places to park some extra cash to weather the storm. I’ve found one of the best ways to hedge against inflation is putting money into a … Read more

What is Signz Of Wellness and and why did they charge my credit card or bank account?

Signz of Wellness and GadgesOption charges on a Chime Account

If you recognize either of those names in the description of a charge on your credit card or bank account and didn’t authorize it, go ahead and start cancelling it ASAP. Earlier this week, my Dad asked me to dispute a charge on his Chime account for an item he, according to his account, authorized … Read more

Ting mobile: Why am I getting charged for mobile data I didn’t use with mobile data turned off & how do I get a refund?

A switch over to the VOLT E/ 4G LTE from the old 3G network has introduced a new problem for Ting Mobile users who don’t use mobile data at all. When Ting mobile informed us the old 3G network was closing down, and we’d be forced to upgrade our SIM cards to use this new, … Read more